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Benefitting from a Dedicated Software Development Team

Deriving benefits from outsourced software development team.

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There’s no doubt that the software market today is rapidly growing as outsourcing has aided multiple companies across the world to minimize the hunt, recruitment, and human resource management expenses. Many organizations across the globe outsource their software development teams for multiple reasons — have a variety of technological expertise, reduce operational expenses, and also to ensure a dedicated team for a given project. So, in order to understand how an enterprise can be truly benefited from an outsourced software development team, let’s first clearly understand how the business model works.

Understanding the Dedicated Team Model

Clearly the term dedicated indicates that the team is completely focused with their entire time and effort exclusively to the client and the specific project they are assigned to at the time of hiring. A summary of how this model works is given below:

  • Client prepares a short description of the overall objective, necessary technical skills, and experience required for the project. This also includes the development methodology and team size;
  • The partner outsourced company analyzes the request, selects the right expertise and provides the client with the full list of most accurate participants for the project;
  • Once the participants have been interviewed and the agreement has been formalized (including the work environment, timeline, financial accounting, communication, etc), the final selected team is onboarded to initiate the project work;
  • From this point one, the client controls the dedicated project team manages their workload and time, and the outsourced parent partner takes care of the administrative support to complete the project within due timeline.

Deriving benefits from outsourced software development team

Surely the outsourcing model of getting software development support is quick beneficial in multiple aspects. However, there are ways in which one can truly withdraw the maximum benefits from a dedicated team. Few such methods are mentioned below:

  1. Ensure high team engagement and focused approach — The greatest advantage of the dedicated software development team is that they’re completely committed to your project. Use this dedication to engage with the team completely while driving them to focus on the overall objective of the project;
  2. Negotiate to ensure cost-optimization — While dealing with the partner, make sure to do some research on the total cost and timeline within the speculated budget. Discuss with other peers who have worked in similar models to get support and calculate the cost involved. It’s always important to keep close account of the expenses while ensuring the rightly skilled talents for your work;
  3. Drive the project yourself — Make sure that the project team is managed as per your company policies and compliances. Having a direct control over the project team gives you an upper hand in driving the team of talented developers as per your wish and procedure, best suited both for the project as well as the company’s interests;
  4. Apply the Weekly Sprint to keep the workflow — Agile methodology ensures that the team keeps up with their weekly deliverables even within dynamic changes in the project scope or team resources. Therefore, flexibility within the team workload and project team will help ensure maximum output from the project team.


There are multiple other ways in which outsourced teams can be handled to get better outputs, but the ones mentioned above are a good consideration to start with. It’s always important to remember that every approach made in collaboration with an outsourced software development team should focus on both the self and partner team as a good relationship can take both the project and the collaboration a long way.